Half-day for photographs with birds of prey

Fund-raising for UQROP

Description of the activity

This half-day with birds of prey for photographs is intended to give the opportunity to amateur and professional photographs to take unique pictures of a type of birds normally very discrete and difficult to approach. A few species of birds of prey can be photographed up close, on a perch or in a selected setting.


This activity is intended to everyone 16-years-old or over.

Participants must bring their own equipment.


The activity which lasts 3 hours can be offered twice during the day, in the morning between 9:00 AM and 12:00 AM, or in the afternoon betwen 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM.

The meeting spot is at the entry of the interpretation site of Chouette à voir!

The organizer will take out one after the other 4 UQROP ambassador birds in order to allow the photographs to take their pictures. These birds can be set on various perches according to the requests of the photographs and the organizer will attemp to satisfy them but it is important to remember that the well-being and the safety of the bird is always the priority of UQROP's employees. It must also be noted that the number and species available are greater during the period that Chouette à voir! is open.

Where and When

The half-days with the birds of prey for photographs take place on the interpretation site of UQROP in St-Jude, Chouette à voir!,  by appointment during the days when the site is close to the public. These photo shoots can take place from April to November.

Cost per person

There are two categories for the cost of a half-day photo shoot offered by UQROP, for a maximum of 10 people:

  • Professional Category

250$ per person

  • Amateur Category

80$ per person

*For the Amateur Activity to take place, a minimum of 3 persons must be registered.

Payment for the activity must be made at least the day before it is to take place and can be made by check or cash.


Weather conditions

When the reservation is made, we will ask the participants to name a contact person who will provide UQROP's employees a telephone number where they can be reached the morning of the activity at a pre-determined time. Participants will decide at that time, based upon the weather conditions, to confirm having the activity or postponing it at a later time.

*Nota: Postponing the activity will be accepted only because of bad weather conditions. In case the postponement is not possible, participants will be reimbursed.


For additional information and to make reservation,

contact us at (450) 773-8521 extension 8545

email: info@uqrop.qc.ca


Upload the form 

Samples of pictures taken during a photo shoot:


We would like to thank the participants to this activity and their financial support:

2012 Photo shoot:

  • Denis Dumoulin

  • Maxime Riendeau

  • Paul Raymond

  • Lise DeSerres

  • Gen Faucher

  • Eric Martin

  • Luc Deschenes

  • Francine Desmarais

  • Raymond Charbonneau


  • Daniel Gélinas

  • Pierre Ratté

  • Jean Chiasson

  • Dominic Cantin

  • Eric Martin

  • Patrick Lemieu

  • Daniel Dagenais