Chouette à voir! is UQROP's natural site and is open to the public and school groups every summer. Its objective is to fulfill both of UQROP's missions: rehabilitating injured birds of prey and educating the public on these magnificent creatureMs .

Even though most of the rehabilitation work of UQROP is done at the Bird of prey clinic of the Faculté de médecine vétérinaire of the Université de MontréalChouette à voir! has a major role to play in the final phase of the bird's rehabilitation. The readaptation complex containing 9 enclosures allows the birds to recover from their wounds and provides the flying space necessary for these birds to get back in shape! These enclosures can be visited in small groups with a guide in order to guarantee the tranquility these birds need for their full recovery.

Twenty-seven different species of birds of prey can be seen in Québec: falcons, hawks, eagles, vultures, owls, etc. Some of them might even live near your house! However, these shy and discrete birds remain a mystery to most people. Chouette à voir! not only holds the largest collection of live birds of prey in Québec, it is also a great way to be initiated to the biology of these fascinating aerial hunters!