• It is with great pleasure that we will organize a «Release a bird» moment adapted to your event or your availability.

    We can match a release with one of the following choices:

    • the presence of a UQROP's presenter with ambassador birds
    • the presentation of one of our conferences
    • animation of a booth on birds of prey
    • participation to the program «Adopt-A-Bird»
    • a personalized visit of Chouette à voir! if the release is done on our site
    • several opportunities are offered!

    Cost: 1 000$

    This includes the release of the bird, the activities surrounding the release and our traveling within a radius of 200 km of St-Hyacinthe. It is possible to give a tax receipt in the amount equivalent to the difference between the amount paid and the value of the activities chosen around the event.

    Contact us to plan this event